Frequently Asked Questions

You are in the right place to find questions that are commonly asked by our customers.

How can I track my orders & payment ?

After signing up to our website, the status of your checkout history could be found under My Account page > Orders. A tracking number (service tracking number) will be given to you after you submit your order. Our support team will send a detailed e-mail to inform you about your order.

Do I need a user account to buy testing service in ?

Yes. Before proceeding to checkout, you need to register in the website or use an existing account.
You can click on MY ACCOUNT on the top menu then create your account or when you add your product to cart, you’ll be redirected to MY ACCOUNT page.

How can I cancel my orders before making the payment?

You can go to your Shopping Cart by clicking on the shop icon on the top of menu or click on this link Shop Cart. Here, you will be able to make payment or cancel your order.

Why should I make payment immediately at checkout?

Because we sell testing services online in We need prepayment to proceed the remaining processes like testing, writing test reports for certification.

What are the available payment methods ?

We accept payment via Paypal, credit card and debit card.

If PayPal is not available in our country, how could we make the payment?

For the users, who cannot procecd by Paypal could proceed by other gateways provided during checkout.

What is CE Marking?

The letters ‘CE’ appearing on the products signifies that the product meets all legal requirements to be sold in the extended Single Market in the European Economic Area (EEA). These requirements are consist of high safety, health, and environmental protection requirements. When you affix CE mark to a product, you ,as a manufacturer, declare that the product meets all the legal requirements for CE marking and can be sold throughout the EEA. This situation is also applied to products that are made in other countries but sold in the EEA.

What is LVD? Why do I need LVD testing?

LVD is the abbreviation of Low Voltage Directive. For CE marking of electronic devices within certain voltage limits, LVD tests are to be performed according to the standards that are published by the European Commission. In order to access the full version of the LVD (2014/35/EU) directive, please check this link. 2014/35/EU EMC

How can I decide which testing service is appropriate for CE marking of my product?

In platform, we serve you testing services according to EMC, LVD, and RED directives.
You can filter the testing services according to usage category, power supply of the product, standard name in the Shop page. You also make filtering according to the accreditation status and the location of the service. After you decide the testing services to be performed for your product,you add all the services you selected to the cart.

Do you collect and store the credit card information that we entered in checkout step?

Your credit card information is not stored in our databases. All payment process are handled by secure payment services in 

What kind of services do you sell ?

We sell testing services according to EMC, LVD and RED directives in order to mark your product as CE certified to access European Economic Area(EEA) market.

Where is your company located ?

Our company is located in Dublin, Ireland. You can find our address in contact page.

What is EMC and why do I need EMC testing?

EMC is the abbreviation of Electromagnetic Compatability. Electronic devices on the market should be EMC compliant. This means that the equipment is fulffills the requirements of EMC regulations and standards that have been defined by the country that the equipment would be sold. Also for CE marking of electronic devices, EMC tests are to be performed according to the standards that are published by the European Commission. In order to access the full version of the EMC (2014/30/EU) directive, please check this link 2014/30/EU EMC

What is RED?

RED is the abbreviation of Radio Equipment Directive. RED(2014/53/EU) is a regulatory framework for placing radio equipment on the market and it ensures a single market for radio equipment by setting essential requirements for safety and health, electromagnetic compatibility, and the efficient use of the radio spectrum. In order to access the full version of the RED (2014/53/EU) directive, please check this link. 2014/53/EU EMC

After buying the testing service, how you proceed the process?

The process steps would be as follows:

  1. We send you a detailed e-mail about your order and how the process continues.
  2. You send the samples and documents about the product to the laboratory location for testing.
  3. The testing operations start, when we deliver the samples.
    • If everything goes well during testing, we start preparing the test report. Then we provide you the test report and send the samples back to the address you provide.
    • If something goes wrong during testing, we contact with you to decide how we will continue the process.
  4. The testing process is completed. congrats!